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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sadness claimed.


(tears pouring) Yeah this is my sad post ever. I dunno why but i do feel so touching today. Everything seems to be not right to me and i have to face it tough. Hard day. Truly,i do miss my family damn much. Being with them is the best part in my life. For this Ramadhan maybe i will not be back till raya. Stucking here in Lendu makes my life more to be like prison. Saturday today and many try to occupies their weekend with love ones. The other way round reflects me.

Being asked to berbuka puasa with her family and i just nod my head without thinking much more. Sorry but after a while i think i couldn't make it dear. At least thanks for the offering but..I feel like i'm disturbing in the middle of family gathering. Sorry for thinking this way. So so sorry. You might read this post but believe me that i'm okay and i don't mean anything. Kindly your family is just like mine. Love them. I make up my mind.

Know what? I feel like wanna run away and get home as soon as i can. I wanna hug her that tight. Oh God,what had i done to her last day? I yelled up to her without ignoring her tiredness. At that time i was just woke up and what she says makes me offended. Sorry mum. I couldn't gain my conscious at that time really. And because of that i couldn't escape thinking of it till now. I wanna seek forgiveness now but i'm not that ready. Sinful child perhaps me.

Okay now i feel 100 times much better after writing. No one to compromise so i'll choose this way. More better though. Seriously stucking here makes no mood in celebrating hari raya. Should i count my fingers out on how many days more to go? No i don't want. I insist.

Okay one more,please don't try to test my patience or else what goes around come around plus don't simply put blame on others easily. It's so freaking annoying. Thumbs up.


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