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Sunday, September 25, 2011

From Auckland to Malaysia

Assalamualaikum WBT

Nice title for post rite?Hee.From Auckland to Malaysia?Seems to be a long distance rite? But i just noticed him on twitter. And i was like fall for him for the  first sight on.Really.Not only for his looking but his faith in Islam.Ya Allah,he have the most everything i need looking for a soul.I wish i could find one like him.

Name?I can't just simply put his name on this post because i might get caught.Pehh perasan gila minah ni kan.harhar.I think he was a bit famous then me in twitter (duhh).I dunno why but i just like and feel amazed with him on how he was coping life in Auckland.May Allah bless him.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Instance love story of mine.


Ni hao.Ni hao. Okay ni lah 3rd language i semester 3 ni. I choose mandarin language for my third language. Hey i do love mandarin !! (nak sedapkan hati laoshi)

Okay today i gain new experience but not that much la. I naik bas sorang-sorang. Oh God, tHanks for blessing me for the safe journey. I was so that curious when getting into the bus alone without knowing any passenger on it. 
Even i know some of them come from the same UiTM with me but how can i know them. I'm not a person that simply makes friend. This may sound snobbish but i'm not.

I feel kind of annoying and get a bit tempted the way the taxi driver tend to force me get into it. I say i prefer to take bus but he was like dunno my malay language and i feel like wanna knock that uncle head. Harhar.

Luckily the bus arrived not that late. I took the MARA LINER heading to AG Sentral. From AG Sentral and all the way to Melaka Sentral. The bus that took me to Melaka Sentral was that full of passengers. What a stupid. Noticed the bus was full to the max but still waiting for others. Just go.

I couldn't stand the odour of one indian man and i do feel like vomitting. Sorry for the straight words. Maybe this is how others feel when riding a bus. At least i experienced once and passing my fear.

Know what,a guy beside me was so handsome. Nice looking i mean. I caught eyes on him. What a gedikss i am. Fall in heart ecehhh. He was ALAM student.
not far from my place. Luckily when passengers drop from one station to another, he came nearer and nearer to me ends up standing beside me. SMILE and say cheese. 

At one point, there are two seats available for us.I think that seat meant for us. Harhar. I sit on the other side hoping he want to have a sit beside me. When he was like getting sit, a woman told him to stop because she is too tired getting standing all the way. He was so gentleman and give the seat to that woman. Hey he is so kind. Another 10% flowers af heart fall. harhar.
We keep looking at each other. 

We stop at Melaka Sentral and that was the end of our instance love story. Perasannya i ni like i wanna smack my own face. lalalalalala.
That's all for this entry

Xoxo farah

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I do call it a random


Here the second post for today. Next week my final exam for this semester(3) will start. Unfortunately, i haven't found my study mood here. I dunno where i can go to get mood for study. As usual from semester 1 final exam, me myself will find own ways to get study. Try coping self to study. The subject is getting tougher and tougher throughout each semester and it getting me fear all the way. I can't help thinking about it.

But the thing is, i still don't make myself ready eventhough i know i knew it could be hard for me. I just lay on beds,facebooking,twittering as usual. This sort shows that i don't have exams. Alhamdulillah la kalau macam tu. Harhar.

Ya Allah please give me some strength to go for it. Looking others to focus on their study makes me goosebumps and fearer yet i still sit on the chair wondering what will happen next. I want to be a good student i want to be a good daughter but which part of me should i start from? Really i feel bad about myself. I feel like i am a bad friend to all. Maybe seek apologise from others will make me more okay cause i'm not okay now. Yes i must seek apologise from all,indeed.

Hey i need someone here to motivate me. Someone that i can talk to and share all my misery business cause i'm getting screwed up from days to days.
I was like dunno what am i doing in my life. I just lost myself.Oh please bring me back. 

In some part, i feel like wanna get away from here. Stucking and keep stucking makes my life more likely sucks. I dunno why everything here seems not fine to me. If there is a wall-friends that i can talk to,i will be very blessed then.
But,erghh. I just dunno what is the right way to express my feeling now. Kinda miserable will all the things that came up. I really hope one day all this will meet to their end.

I'm not a brilliant girl but i do have a dream to be a brilliant girl. I'm not a beautiful girl but i do have a dream to be a beautiful girl. I'm not a good friends but i do want to be a good friends to others. I want to close my book
and make it a new chapter. But who will be with me when i'm changing?
I do hope for a person. I do hope for a success. 

Thats it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anugerah Dekan


Its 7.43am,15/9. I couldn't get sleep anymore cause i had an excessive sleep last night. After maghrib i sleep of till subuh this morning. Sleep,yeah i do love it.

Okay come back to my co poating this post.Cakap melayu sudahlahh.English belum study :D boleh pulak macam tu kan.

Study week for this semester dah start and i was like Oh My God, isn't this too early getting to final exam? I just haven't finish up my study throughout the semester. Okay nak buat macammane kan. Schedule pun dah keluar,nak patah balik pun tak boleh. Just face and take it.

Semalam was the day majlis anugerah dekan. Its an honoured for me to get there with those who excellent in their studies. It kind of appreciation for those who got DEAN LIST for their final exam. Now, i feel more motivated to study and go for it till the last semester. 4 more semester to go. Oh what a long period.

I'm the one with red attire. These are all my friends sharing same experienced with me. Actually there are many others , estimating 600 above of students. Congrates to others too. XOXO.