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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anugerah Dekan


Its 7.43am,15/9. I couldn't get sleep anymore cause i had an excessive sleep last night. After maghrib i sleep of till subuh this morning. Sleep,yeah i do love it.

Okay come back to my co poating this post.Cakap melayu sudahlahh.English belum study :D boleh pulak macam tu kan.

Study week for this semester dah start and i was like Oh My God, isn't this too early getting to final exam? I just haven't finish up my study throughout the semester. Okay nak buat macammane kan. Schedule pun dah keluar,nak patah balik pun tak boleh. Just face and take it.

Semalam was the day majlis anugerah dekan. Its an honoured for me to get there with those who excellent in their studies. It kind of appreciation for those who got DEAN LIST for their final exam. Now, i feel more motivated to study and go for it till the last semester. 4 more semester to go. Oh what a long period.

I'm the one with red attire. These are all my friends sharing same experienced with me. Actually there are many others , estimating 600 above of students. Congrates to others too. XOXO.